About Us

Result of the Black Isle Ballot was announced on 13 March 2015.  Please read the press release here that Black Isle Community Energy distributed to the media the same day. 

Black Isle Community Energy (BICE) is a new group dedicated to establishing a community-owned wind power project on the Black Isle. The aims of the proposal are to secure a low-carbon source of electricity for the area and to provide an income stream for community purposes. Transition Black Isle and Black Isle Partnership are working together to achieve this goal.

A community-owned wind energy scheme would:

  • produce up to 40% of the Black Isle’s electricity from a low-carbon source,
  • ensure all profits go to community projects,
  • keep any wind turbine development of Millbuie Forest in community control.

The proposed site for the turbines is on Forestry Commission land between Mount Eagle and Mount High. BICE has lodged an expression of interest with the Forestry Commission to install three turbines, up to 100 metres to tip, in this area.

640 Near Wester Templand with three turbinesPhotomontage of the preferred layout of three turbines from the Avoch/Fortrose Road on the brow of the hill facing Killen.

The process to develop the idea requires that we demonstrate wide community support for the project, so we have arranged for Highland Council’s elections office to carry out a postal ballot of the Black Isle. The project will only proceed to the next stage if more than half the electorate return their ballot papers, and a majority of those voting support the proposal.

640 Black Isle banner 04

Use this website to find out more about the proposal, read the feasibility study prepared by consultants, and check out the events we’ve organised to help people make an informed decision.

For centuries the Black Isle has made the most of its natural resources. This wind project continues that tradition.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. June Bevan Baker February 25, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    After searching I found 4 very faint turbines. Could be a wee bit clearer and I thought it was to be 3?


    • blackislecommunityenergy February 26, 2015 / 10:03 am

      You are right, they aren’t all that visible – but there reallyare only 3 in the picture. This photo was one we produced and it gives as true an impression as we could manage – but it doesn’t comply with all the requirements of photomontages for planning applications. There are some which do, in the feasibility study, but these are all of a more prominent site in the forest. The photo on this page shows the turbines in the location recommended in the feasibility study


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